Katana YML Zirconia

Noritake Kuraray Katana YML Zirconia (Yttria Multi Layer) Crown

  • Full crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays
  • Full arche bridge units available
  • 2 Different levels of translucency 45 to 49%
  • 750MPa to 1100MPa in flexural strenght
  • Full VITA shade range
  • Precision milled full contour
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Noritake Kuraray Katana YML zirconia (Yttria Multi Layer) is available in 1-14 units of anterior and posterior restorations. It features a multi-layered color with high levels of translucency. A seamless multi-layered technology eliminates visible transition lines and emphasizes natural color and translucency.

Katana YML: Technical Guide

Additional information

Bridge units

1 to 14 units for anterior and posterior restorations

VITA Shades

Full VITA shade range

Flexural strength

From 750MPa to 1100MPa


45 to 49%

Restoration Type

Highly Aesthetic

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